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Fathers Day!

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Tomorrow it is Fathers Day here in Sweden, and I just wanted to light a candle for my father, who isn’t among us anymore! I miss him deeply, every day, and I hope he is in a better place now!

Love you dad!

Lösenordsskyddad: Christmasmarket…

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Det här innehållet är lösenordsskyddat. Vänligen ange ditt lösenord nedan för att visa innehåll:


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We have had som wonderful days here, with lovely weather! Tommy and I went for a long walk together with our new camera Nikon d40x. I love it!! But I have so much to learn about it! Anyway, I shot some photos just for fun!

T på promenad


New furnitures!

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Finally we have our new furnitures in the kitchen in place! It is great to have things that won’t threat to fall apart when we are sitting down for dinner!

Nya köksmöbler

Who is control of our home?

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I just have to post a photo of Saga. Some times during the days, she freaks out completely! She runs through the apartment, she hunts things that no one can see, and she is just crazy. Here she is hunting…well, i don’t know. Dust? Anything??

I read something, that is so true in our family: Dogs has owners, cats has servants- That is SO true here… Saga is also known as the Empress!

Saga jagar

Christmastree 2006

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Kransar 07

It is not far away to Christmas, and I just want to show the Christmas-tree we had last Year. I love the white Christmas, but I wanted to make a oriental Christmas this year. But it costs a lot of money so I guess I just have to keep the white one, that I love!!

Saga at easter!

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I try to make it beautiful here during easter by putting up twigs with decoration. I guess Saga loves the decoration!!

Påskris och Saga

Our kitchen…

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This is in our kitchen, our table. But last week we bought a new one, before this fell apart. I will try to put a photo here, when we get it! You see our wonderful balcony in the background!

Köket under Påsk


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In the spring, this is the most beautiful tree I have found here!!

Blommande träd

Our view

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And this is the view we have from our livingroom….

It was taken last winter!

Utsikt Mattis